"Bringing Communities Together Through Young People"
UK & Overseas Residentials
AYA organises day trips and has delivered many UK based Personal Development Residentials. Our residentials are designed to introduce young people to new learning experiences packed with outdoor pursuits and personal development activities. It can sometimes be their first time away from home and this is an ideal place to learn social skills. We help raise self-esteem and self-confidence by developing skills like: problem solving and decision-making; ability to work co-operatively in teams; leadership skills; and communication skills.

In 2007 AYA delivered its first overseas residential where 14 teenagers and young adults were given the opportunity to go visit and climb Mount Sinai in Egypt. The theme of the trip was heritage and culture and the climb up Mt Sinai provided a back drop where a deep and meaningful experience was had.

Istanbul, Andalusia, Dubai and India are all locations that we are looking into as further residentials.

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