"Bringing Communities Together Through Young People"
Our Being British, Being Muslim (3BM) project was formed to satisfy the increasing demand from various organisations to provide assistance, expertise and consultation on issues relating to young Muslims. 3BM focuses on working with young Muslims in Britain and actively drives to target young Muslim girls/women within its work to provide equal representation on its projects.

We recently won a commission from the London Borough of Merton to conduct a needs analysis for the boroughs young Muslim community. The aim of this project was to engage young Muslims living, working and/or studying in Merton, in order to stimulate open dialogue and explore issues. In completing this report AYA spoke to over 100 young people and over 20 community and statutory stakeholders. The report will be available for download soon.

This has been followed up by various Muslim heritage projects.

We are a very happy to announce that we have been successful in winning another commission from the London Borough of Merton to work with young Muslims in the Borough. We will be facilitating young Muslims from around the borough to produce a film about what it’s like ‘Being Young, Being Muslim and Living in Merton'.

Download Here

3bm Report