"Bringing Communities Together Through Young People"
AYA Online Forum
asian youth alliance online forum
An AYA Online Forum was started in 2005 with the help of DigiBridge. It was developed to provide an online space where young Asians could discuss, converse, debate or just chat. Young people came online and chatted about topics that they wanted to talk about. The Online Forum grew organically and established sections for music; film; games; literature; general chat and a members section where non-specific chat occurred and young people could get to know each other. Sections like Advance Discussions kept the potential world changers busy. It has been a great tool to gauge and harness youth opinion, whilst being a channel for young Asians to explore their thoughts.

Within 6 months the online forum had attracted over 180 users and had over 53,000 posts.

When the AYA website was updated the online forum was frozen and the young people moved over to using the major social networking sites Facebook, Myspace, MSN Messenger etc.