"Bringing Communities Together Through Young People"
Asian Youth Forum
The Asian Youth Forum project provided a safe place where young Asians came and chatted about topics that affect them. Through innovative workshops facilitated by passionate, friendly and imaginative coaches we discussed local, national, global and spiritual issues. Workshop topics included: How Racism Affects Me; My Life, My Religion, My Beliefs; Where Have We Come From?; and What Am I? Who Am I? Through the forums we encouraged the young people to develop the courage to defend a point of view whilst having a willingness to change one's opinion.

AYA’s approach of building relationships with local community groups and local residents (employing local people, who speak the language and live the culture) and then providing ethnic specific youth provision (culturally sensitive and sometimes single gender) made forming the Asian Youth Forum much easier and it was a great success.

We also actively promoted youth involvement - some of the young people took part in the London 2012 Youth Conferences, others spoke at Community Network Meetings and a few got a chance to visit and question MPs and Lords at the Houses of Parliament - these activities inevitably promoted civil participation.