"Bringing Communities Together Through Young People"
Consultancy Services
AYA provides consultancy and training to public, voluntary and community sector organisations. We have a proven record of conducting research and helping develop and delivering projects for our partners.

We have a network of Youth & Community Workers and Freelance Professionals from various ethnic cultural backgrounds.

Consulting Young People - We provide expertise in engaging and consulting young people by using an array of methods which can be informal and playful but above all interactive to enable deeper under the surface responses. Hence, our consultations give better insight into young peoples' views and help develop meaningful exchanges of ideas. We have particular experience in conducting needs analyses, running focus groups and developing workshops to facilitate dialogue among communities enabling participants to have their say.

Intergenerational Work - We provide workshops & projects to build better relationships between generations – these can be ideal for heritage & identity projects as well as helping to build stronger communities.

Digital & Performing Arts projects - We are able to provide a variety of workshops which are facilitated by experienced and qualified professionals. These include drama, dance, music, choreography, photography, film-making, DJing, animation, web design and more. These workshops are tailored to suit needs of young people and community groups.

Heritage and Cultural Awareness Workshops – These can be tailored for young people or adults and are personalised to your objectives.

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