"Bringing Communities Together Through Young People"
The Partition
These workshops enabled facilitators to work with young people in an interactive manner to learn about and discuss in depth issues relating to the partition of India. The aims were to develop a deeper understanding of the issues; to foster better relationships amongst young people from different communities and to promote dialogue between these young people and their older relatives.

Learning more about the partition and how it affected all communities involved caused much food for thought amongst the participants. In particular, in relation to what their parents, grandparents and others had been through during that time and their subsequent migration to the UK.

Evaluation of the project with the young people found that there was a lasting impact for the majority of participants, particularly in relation to their increased commitment and focus to their education and exams. Also, it had been a catalyst for greater communication with elder members of the family sparking interest about how they grew up and the story of their migration

This project provided a life enhancing experience for some as they now know more about there own heritage and history first hand and it possibly helped improve intergenerational relations.