"Bringing Communities Together Through Young People"
AYF - CD Project

Asian Youth Produce a CD to Voice Their Concerns

On Friday 3rd December a group of young Asians from the Asian Youth Forum (AYF) were brought together for a pilot project to write a song about there concerns and record them on a CD.  The song titled ‘Who am I? What am I?’ will be sent to Croydon Council’s Community Network Committee for discussion and a response. The song highlights issues of Asian identity, young Asians not voicing there concerns, lack of opportunities and the failure of leaders to hear what people really want.

Along with music project facilitator Catherine Pestano from Croydon Intercultural Singing Project (CRISP), experienced music industry professionals were brought in to provide help, assistance and support; Croydon based singer and songwriter Lorraine Cato; community film maker Reg Sathyadevan and the heavy weight producer and rapper JD aka Dready from So Solid Crew.

“It’s gonna go to the Council and they have to listen to it, and us. Let’s see what they come back with,” said a member of the AYF.

“It was wicked, I wanna make more music,” was a statement from another.  The pilot project was hailed such a success that plans are already underway to try to secure funding to produce a LP, a music video and to get more young Asians involved.

Mobeen Butt, the man behind the AYF, said “the project also gave young Asians the chance to experience song writing and see the technical side to producing a track, which many would never have the opportunity to do. Hopefully this will start a dialogue between young Asians and the people who can make a change in Croydon.”

The Asian Youth Forum was formed to empower young Asians by giving them the chance to voice their concerns and opinions on issues that affect them.  It currently meets every other Friday at Winterbourne Youth Centre (Thornton Heath) and is actively seeking young people of South Asian descent between the ages of 15 and 21 to participate in debates, seminars and small projects. The forum will reconvene in the New Year - Friday, January 7th 2005. 

Friday 3rd December 2005