"Bringing Communities Together Through Young People"
Mount Sinai
AYA delivered its first oversea residential in spring 2007. The objective of the residential was to develop relationships between people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. 14 teenagers and young adults were given the opportunity to partake in this far reaching adventure. The Sinai Peninsula was chosen as it is said to be the place where the Prophet Moses received the 10 commandments and so a significant place for the followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Through workshops and discussions information about each others' lives and cultures was shared, stereotypes challenged and relationships built. The process included keeping video and written diaries, group discussions, creating a heritage map and other team activities including the 'centre point' of the trip, the climb to the top of Mount Sinai. 

The climb was extremely challenging, however through sheer determination of the group every single person made it to the top and on time to watch the sunrise, resulting in a fantastic sense of achievement and bonding.

This residential was an exciting, fulfilling and educational experience for everyone involved and enabled the participants to step outside of the their comfort zones and grow and develop as individuals.